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Caring for your resin flute


While your instrument has been made with an extremely robust and stable material, it is also manufactured to a very high level of precision. We therefore recommend that you take a few basic precautions when using it. In general, it is best to handle the recorder with the same care and attention you would give a wooden instrument, although the actual care instructions are different.  

Do not leave your resin flute lying on a radiator or hot surface – it can warp and bend when heated.

Never oil your resin flute. 

Do not leave your recorder lying in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. The light colouring is UV sensitive and can be dulled by exposure to sunlight.  

You can play your resin flute for hours a day without any risk of damage.

Since the resin material is impermeable to water, condensation may remain trapped in the bore; we recommend drying with fabric when you have finished playing.

You can clean your flute with soapy water, but do not immerse the head in water for a long time. 

Do not grease the tenons. Doing so will compress the thread and compromise the air-tight seal of the sockets.

Would you need to send your instrument, please choose a large rigid box. Allways precise your adress in the parcel.


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