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New : Baroque flute « J.Hotteterre » at 415 Hz           

This flute is a copy of the only extant original made by Jacques Hotteterre called « Le Romain » (about 1700), now part of the collection of the Music Museum in Paris n° E999.6.1. Its foot and cabochon are lost, and  have been recreated.
The large bore of the flute is typical of the French style of the end of the 17th century boasting a rich sonority, warm timbre and remarkable accuracy in pitch from the low to the high registers and even more so when using the fingerings offered by Hotteterre himself in his treatise « Principles of the Transverse Flute ».
A member of a celebrated family of wind instruments makers, Jacques Hotteterre was one of Louis XIV most favored court musicians.
With an eye and ear for Louis’ preferences, Hotteterre fashioned his own instrument to accord with his great benefactor’s tastes.
In fact, this traverso is the preferred instrument of baroque flutists. It is ideal for performing the court music played at Versailles in the 17th and 18th centuries.
This model is  tuned at 415 Hz and  retains all of the characteristics of the original in terms of sound and tuning..

Made of resin, this unique flute is beautifully turned and decorated with colors that suggest the classic flutes of ebony and ivory.


Baroque flute after « C.Delusse » at 415 Hz or 442 Hz  


Copy after two instruments by Christophe Delusse (circa 1760) in the collection of the Musée de la Musique à Paris under the n° E1368 and E2147. This instrument has an especially nice sound with excellent tuning in all registers. The notes of the third octave are easy to play through the La3. That makes this transverse flute especially interesting for playing classic repertoire (C.P.E. and W.F.Bach, Mozart and Haydn quartets, etc…)

Resin Baroque flute after « G.A.Rottenburgh » at 415 Hz or 440 Hz


This is a resin replica of the boxwood or rosewood traverso.

 The resin used was developed after long research and was perfected by Vincent Bernolin who wanted above all to reveal the sound quality of this new material. The manufacturing process is completely different from that of industrially-made flutes moulded in ABS plastic, which invariably have a tinny sound.

The resin baroque flute is absolutely waterproof , is insensitive to temperature, needs no special maintenance, no oiling and you can play until you run out of breath!

It is thus a model particularly suited to students at a Conservatoire.

Their teachers, too, can use these resin baroque flutes if they want to spare their best flute when giving lessons or when practising intensively to prepare a concert, for example.

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